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fsp-opt theorem

PSF-Aware Filtered Backprojection for Focal Plane Scanning Optical Projection Tomography

The FPS-OPT package is a set of Matlab functions for optical projection tomography. Read more...


Temporal Superresolution for Cardiac Imaging

A temporal superresolution ImageJ plugin to improve SNR and temporal resolution of cardiac movies. Read more...


Discrete computation of analog convolutions (GCV-FFT)

The GCV-FFT package is a set of Matlab functions for the computation of analog convolutions of the form g(x) = fh(x). Read more...


Computerized Tomography for Matlab

Spline-Based Radon and Inverse Radon transform.

Poorman 3D reg workflow

Recursive Volume Registration for ImageJ

Poorman3Dreg compensates for lateral drift and rotation in timelapse volumes. Read more...


Fresnelab: a Fresnel transform toolkit for Matlab

Fresnelab is a set of matlab scripts to accurately implement the Fresnel transform (via Fresnelets and wavelets), for imaging applications such as digital holography. Read more...