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In vivo microscopy

48h fish

The combination of microscopy with a breadth of innovative molecular tools has opened new avenues in biology, and long-term dynamic imaging of cells or even entire organisms can be followed over long periods of time.

Our lab develops imaging paradigms that go beyond the traditional, disjoint image-then-analyze pipeline. Instead of optimizing each step by itself, we strive for a horizontal integration of the image acquisition, image processing, and image analysis components to characterize complex biological systems. Specifically we develop novel image acquisition and sampling schemes, computational image reconstruction procedures optimized for quantitative analysis were we take advantage of the wide range of possibilities offered by molecular labeling, or image-based feedback microscopy.

Selected publications

[12] J. Ohn, H.-J. Tsai, M. Liebling, "Joint Dynamic Imaging of Morphogenesis and Function in the Developing Heart," Organogenesis, vol. 5, iss. 4, Oct./Nov./Dec. 2009.

[8] J. Vermot, S. E. Fraser, M. Liebling "Fast fluorescence microscopy for imaging the dynamics of embryonic development," HFSP Journal, vol 2, pp. 143-155, 2008, doi:10.2976/1.2907579.