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Prospective MS, MS/PhD, or PhD Students

I receive many email inquiries from prospective students and unfortunately do not have time to reply to most of them (mostly so I can spare more time for students in my lab and classes). If you are planning to apply to join the electrical and computer engineering graduate program at UCSB (MS, MS/PhD, PhD) and would like to work in my lab, please read on.

First, it is important to note that graduate admission and financial aid decisions are handled by our departmental Admissions Committee and not by individual faculty. To apply, please follow the guidelines posted on the ECE admissions page. In particular I won't be able to give you information regarding your application status or availability of financial support.

Next, look at the research pages (which you probably already did, since you are interested in working in my lab…) and explore the areas of research I am involved in. In particular, look (better still, read) some of the publications. If you identify an area that is of interest to you and you think you might be a good fit for the lab (past experience in a related field or experience in an unrelated field which you think would benefit our research) make sure to mention it in your Statement of Purpose.

Finally, to ensure that I will see your application files also include my name in your Statement of Purpose and when asked for the names of faculty whose lab you are interested in joining during the online application process. My lab is part of the Signal Processing area in the ECE department. At this stage, you may also want to send me an email saying that you applied to our graduate program.

Current UCSB MS, MS/PhD, or PhD students

If you are a graduate student currently enrolled in the UCSB ECE graduate program and are interested in doing research in my lab, please contact me. I occasionally offer research projects that will earn you credit via ECE 596: Directed Research. Some experience with image processing (ECE 178A, 278A), microscopy (ECE 278B) is usually desirable but not required.

Current UCSB undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate at UCSB interested in doing research in my lab, please contact me. I occasionally offer research projects that will earn you credit via ECE 196: Undergraduate Research. Strong motivation is required and some previous exposure to signal processing (ECE 130A/B, ECE 158, ECE 178) is desirable.

Summer Internships for undergraduates (non-UCSB)

no opening currently available

Research Experience for pre-college students

Every Summer, we offer 1-2 mentored positions for pre-college students in our lab. Applications directly (and exclusively) through the UCSB Summer Sessions Pre-College program.


No positions currently available – however: if you are about to finish your PhD and are considering applying for postdoctoral funding to do research in my lab (i.e. you are applying for a postdoc fellowship, please contact me to discuss if a suitable project is available. Our multidisciplinary lab offers a unique environment that values both applied and theoretical research and is ideal for expanding your skills.